Layoffs finally coming in the NYT newsroom?

As predicted  here a month and a half ago, it looks as though the New York Times newsroom will see its first-ever layoffs soon. Faced with continuing decline in profitability, thanks to both the general decline of the newspaper industry and the inept management of Pinch Sulzberger, the company tried to induce voluntary exits with cash incentives. But it looks like not enough of the newsies took the bait, and now they face the unpleasant prospect of getting the boot.According to John Kolbin of the New York Observer, the New York Times has circulated a staff memorandum seeking more voluntary departures. But the deadline for accepting buyouts was early last month, so obviously the Times is as feckless, indeed spineless, in enforcing deadlines internally as in the foreign policy choices it recommends for defending our national security. Note to Pinch and Bill Keller: When your earlier threats and deadlines prove to be empty, few people will regard your threat of layoffs...(Read Full Post)