How dumb does Obama think we are?

Barack Obama has a pattern of dealing with political problems by denial. He denies that this person or that person is his foreign policy adviser;  he denied a close relationship with Pastor Jeremiah Wright, yesterday -- he called  Wright just his "pastor". Clearly the relationship is much broader and deeper than Obama is lately representing. In other words, when people become a political problem for Barack Obama, he distances himself from them, redefines their role, throws them down a "memory hole" or throws them under the bus. A new kind of politician? Me thinks not.Quote from Obama regarding Pastor Jeremiah Wright "He was never my ‘spiritual advisor... He was never my spiritual mentor; he was my pastor."  Obama suddenly objects to Wright being called his "spiritual mentor".Those exact two words in that sequence may never have come from Obama but certainly the relationship is more significant than Obama lets on.For...(Read Full Post)