California gun owners face further harrassment

Bookworm calls our attention to a message from the NRA about an alarming bill being considered by California's left wing legislature, which is gerrymandered into permanent Democrat domination. Anti-gun hysteria has reached a fever pitch in the Golden State. The California Assembly is considering a bill (Assembly Bill 2062) this session that, if passed, will have dire consequences for California's law-abiding gun owners.AB2062 is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, May 7 in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.Sponsored by State Assembly Member Kevin De Leon (D-45), AB2062 would require that law-abiding gun owners obtain a permit to buy handgun ammunition and would impose severe restrictions on the private transfers of handgun ammunition. Applicants for a "permit-to-purchase" would be required to submit to a background check, pay a $35 fee, and wait as long as 30 days to receive the permit.Under AB2062, it would be unlawful to privately transfer more than 50 rounds of...(Read Full Post)