When does the Obama reconciliation begin?

One candidate promises to unite us, but is personally close with people who are pretty angry. What's up with that? Tom Maguire makes what I think is an unusually sage observation--even for such an intelligent commenter as he is:If I were a Barack apologist I would float the notion that Barack's church is part of his ongoing attempt to find his own authenticity as a black man. Put another way, he does not believe this nonsense, but thinks he needs a deeper understanding of those who do, the better to bridge racial divides, etc.I don't think that answers 20+ years and 20+ thousand dollars, and I really can't imagine how he might justify bringing his kids to listen to that, and it doesn't explain why, over twenty years, he has not moved his minister towards a more reasonable position (or moved himself towards a more reasonable minister). But it is not awful spin.I still like my question - when does the reconciliation begin? Barack's wife is angry, his minister is foaming, yet we are...(Read Full Post)