St. Barack on the Mount: Separation of Church and Reality

As if it weren't bad enough that liberals are always going around finding stuff in the Constitution that isn't there....say, the right to privacy... the left's new golden boy, Saint Barack is positing a "living Bible" to complement the "Living Constitution". Now it's always a hoot when the party of the ACLU starts banging away from the Bible, as they prove the axiom that nothing is more dangerous than a little information. You just know that the liberals will surely take a nugget out of context and end up stepping deepeth into the pit of ignorance. But back to Barack Obama, not always the first name that comes to mind along with those of Billy Graham and Mother Teresa when talking Bible. Obama, in a rambling and contradictory and nearly incoherent speech given in Ohio over the weekend said repeatedly that he was "a devout Christian" and that he "prays to Jesus every night." These were details his website did not feature last week when it...(Read Full Post)