Seniors Cutting Coupons for Military Families

This is an inspiring story. Senior citizens across the country are cutting out coupons and sending them to military families based overseas so that they can redeem them at the military commissaries on bases:In a new era of American warfare, when people are told to support the war effort by boosting the economy by shopping or simply by going on with their lives, these women think more should be done. They are from an older generation that remembers the days of war bonds and rations, and they are trying again to make a difference, one coupon at a time. Lila Sclawy, 87, started clipping shortly after her husband, a veteran, died in 2001 of pancreatic cancer. Four weeks later, she turned on the news to see the World Trade Center crashing down. As the country grieved, she was looking for a way to overcome her grief. That's when she heard about the coupon ladies in Greenbelt. They meet every Tuesday in the musty upstairs room at American Legion Post #136. Each woman brings a heaping bundle...(Read Full Post)