Reactions to Obama's speech

Rick Moran:Shorter obama - "We're ALL victims."Update: Barack Obama gave a powerful and uplifting speech in Philadelphia today, the immediate purpose of which  was to put behind him the issues raised by the hateful remarks of his Pastor Jeremiah Wright.I believe he did so. But at a price that opens him up to a charge he has been trying to avoid since he began his historic run for the presidency; that he is a far left Democratic liberal who sees the government as the solution to most of the nation’s problems.Overall, where Obama succeeded was in his most interesting and incisive look at the state of race relations today. He said what needed to be said to both races in a way that didn’t come off as preaching, which it very well could have done. Where he failed was in his prescriptions to solve the problem which are nothing less than old fashioned liberal panaceas to be applied by government to cure society’s ills.Lee Cary:He didn't play the race...(Read Full Post)