Pastor Wright and Barack Obama: The media finally notices

Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr. has been saying things like "God damn America" for a couple of decades to a congregation that has grown to the thousands, and his sermons only go out via webcast, podcast, telecast,  broadcast, cable cast. And for the technologically challenged, audio cassettes and books.  I mean, just how deep should we expect our intrepid media mavens to dig? It's hard to find that haystack in the needle, ain't it?[Editor's note: American Thinker has been covering Pastor Wright's radicalism for a year now.]But under the Biblical principle of being grateful for what you have, I am thankful that millions more are aware of this now than were just 48 hours ago. You know, back in the good ole days before "client number 9" was a household word.    (I must wonder, however, how this got past Clinton, Inc, for so long. Maybe it's just me, but since we've been told that white Iowans and so on  loved the non-threatening post racial...(Read Full Post)