Obama's Power politics

Martin Kramer takes on Samantha Power, the important Barack Obama foreign policy advisor, someone with a history of hostility toward Israel. It is a long and worthwhile read.Samantha Power has been on a book tour throughout America. She has been attempting to defuse criticism over a series of remarks about Israel that she has made over a series of years. One of the more controversial has been her call for America to impose a settlement on the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians and to insert American forces into the region to enforce this "peace". She has made attempts to explain away this type of advocacy, weak attempts eviscerated at Powerline  and Commentary. Among her claims is that she didn't know what she meant when she said that (Even I don't understand it. This makes no sense to me. The quote seems so weird to me) -- for once, she seems to be at a loss for words. Not so fast, Ms. Power. After all, it was only a few years ago when you spoke.Noted...(Read Full Post)