Late Surge in polls by Clinton in TX and OH

Has Hillary Clinton stopped the bleeding?The past week has seen her "3 AM" ad raise questions about Obama's national security credentials while Obama's evident two faced NAFTA policy - telling the Canadian government that the candidate's protectionist rhetoric was pandering for votes - has raised the hackles of voters in Ohio especially.These two events have combined to slow or perhaps even halt Obama's momentum and have given Hillary a chance to take both Ohio and Texas in today's primary.Final polls show Hillary and Obama tied in Ohio or Clinton slightly ahead while the Texas polls show a dramatic turnaround with Hillary - who trailed by as many as 8 points last week in Texas - climbing back into the race to the point where some polls have it dead even.Surprisingly, she has also taken the lead from Obama in Rasmussen's national poll for the first time in 3 weeks.In addition to the ad and the NAFTA flap, increased attention by the media to Obama's problem relationship...(Read Full Post)