Decision day in the New York Times newsroom

Today is the last day that New York Times newsroom employees have to accept buyouts or face the possibility of lay-offs. The newsroom is to be downsized by about 100. John Koblin of the New York Observer comments:If there aren't enough buyout offers (and surely there wont' be--word inside is these packages are not that great!) then layoffs are on the way. Also, he mentioned on Valentine's Day that the paper's leadership would share in the pain, which means: Non-guild employees who are up for a management raise will not take that raise.According to Jeff Bercovici of Conde Nast, resentment is building  between the business side and newsroom side of the organization:[the newsroom downsizing] marked the culmination of a period of heightened hostility between the paper's business side, which felt that it had made more than its share of sacrifices in previous round of cost-cutting, and the editorial leadership, which favored doing everything possible to protect the...(Read Full Post)