Will the real Marty Peretz Please Stand Up?

First, at the end of December The New Republic's Martin Peretz writes that he is has qualms with Obama's Foreign Policy advisers and lists, in particular, Zbigniew Brzezenski, Anthony Lake, Susan Rice, and Robert Malley as being sources of his anxiety. Then, apparently in response to entreaties from the Obama campaign (he supports Obama) he wrote a blog item that there are spooky rumors circulating regarding Obama's Foreign Policy advisers. He tries to dismiss these concerns by , in his own words, taking "one example"- Robert Malley. Peretz goes on to write that Malley is not a foreign policy adviser to the campaign-without even mentioning his own previous post just a few weeks before when he discussed his worries about Malley's role as a foreign policy adviser to Obama (the Washington Post listed Malley as an adviser late last year). Peretz never went on to touch upon the role of other foreign policy advisers-apparently assuming his readers would assume...(Read Full Post)