Reader compliment

Why is everyone having such heart failure over the arguments and discussions that Republicans are having during an intense primary season?  Is not a complete, open and heated discussion of ideas what we preach about?  I am frustrated to no end by all these folks (just finished reading Kyle-Anne Shiver) who want us all to just shut up and support the front runner - if we had all done that back in July we would be talking Rudy!!!!!  We can see where that went.

Forgive me, but only 7 or 8 states have spoken.  As a Virginian, I have not yet had a change to voice my opinion.  Until more than 2/3 of this country has stepped into the booth and given their true opinion - not the one given to some pollster - let's remember that McCain is the current front runner and we all still have the right and responsibility to voice our opinion - for and against - whomever is the front runner.

We are not liberals... we welcome discussion and opinion and information.

Thanks to AT for the opportunity for all three.

Nancy J. Gossage

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