Reader complaint

AT is so obviously pushing McCain.

Well, you are a URL in my Blogs folder I can get rid of, now.  All I see at AT is articles pushing McCain at us.  We (my hubby is a Vietnam vet) will NOT be voting McCain in the primary tomorrow or in the general, period.  See Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Bill Quick, Ann Coulter and numerous others for the reasons why.  And Rush likes to quote you.  I wonder if he'll continue to.

Thanks for the good articles over the past years.  It was nice reading you.

Peg Conroy

Editor's response:

Not at all. We have published a couple of pieces by McCain advocates, but also other pieces like this And criticism of McCain like this Would a pro-McCain site publish this?

Basically, we try to stay away from trashing articles about Romney or McCain, since either one could be the nominee. But we are happy to examine the record, as the critical article on McCain did.

A lot of people want to see McCain trashed. Fewer people, but still significant numbers, want to see Romney trashed. This is a bitter intra-party contest. We don’t want to fan the flames.

Thomas Lifson, editor.

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