Rationale of a Conservative Suicide Voter

Critical thought and a rational mind are all conservatives have to protect from the madness of crowds.  Supporting John McCain over conservative principles is a bargain with fear.McCain won recent primaries by modest pluralities with the help of moderates and independents.  Other, more conservative candidates split the "conservative" vote.  Conservatives have a McCain problem.  The vote tallies show it and the radio waves blare it.If, 20 years ago, someone said a future Republican presidential candidate gleefully and actively undermined the 1st amendment, tried to get amnesty for tens of millions of illegals in the middle of the night with a forced deal, advocated a surtax on the American economy to forestall "global warming," who would find it conceivable?   How much more incredible if one then learned---"well, he is the conservative."When Bush I collapsed with "read my lips," conservatives were told, "well,...(Read Full Post)