Palestinian Chutzpah

Reading about the Palestinian Authority asking the State Department to intervene on the PA's side in lawsuits brought against it by U.S. victims of Palestinian terrorism - on grounds that it makes no sense for the U.S. to provide millions of dollars of aid to the PA while U.S. courts might bankrupt the PA - I was reminded of the famous joke defining chutzpah as the child who murders his parents and then pleads for mercy as an orphan.What do you call a political body that has used its money for terrorism and then pleads it cannot pay damages to those it has harmed because it needs the money?  What do you call a political body that has been promised $7.4 billion in international aid to fight terrorism and then pleads poverty to meet its legal obligations relating to terrorism?What do you call a political body receiving hundreds of millions of dollars of aid from the United States -- in this year alone -- who then asks the U. S. government to help it avoid paying damages it owes to...(Read Full Post)