Pakistan Surgeon General Assassinated

Lieutenant General Muhammad Mushtaq Baig, the Surgeon General of Pakistan, and seven other people were killed in a suicide attack in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.A suicide bomber killed eight people, including the Pakistan Army’s surgeon general, on Monday — the highest-ranking military official killed since the country joined the US-led war on terror.. Lieutenant General Mushtaq Baig, the head of the army medical corps, died after a teenage attacker blew himself up next to a military convoy on a busy road in Rawalpindi, the army said. “The surgeon general, his driver and guard were martyred,” chief military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told reporters. Five civilians were also killed, while 25 others were injured, an army statement added. “This was the first suicide attack in Pakistan in which a high-ranking military official has been killed since 9/11 and also the first attack after the election,” AFP quoted Abbas as saying....(Read Full Post)