Official Obama web site mysteriously makes a page vanish

I wonder why this web page, titled "Escalation is not the answer", has disappeared from the official Obama website?The missing page has been reprinted here Clinton/Obama Weblog: Escalation Is Not The Answer, at an unofficial site. Of course, this is not an official site, but there is some proof of provenance here and here, and  evidence here that a page titled "escalation is not the answer" did exist on the Obama website at one point.Here is the text that has been made to go away from the Obama website:Escalation Is Not The AnswerAs the New Year approaches, we are told that the President is considering the deployment of tens of thousands of additional troops to Iraq in the desperate hope of subduing the burgeoning civil war there. This is a chilling prospect that threatens to compound the tragic mistakes he has already made over the last four years.In 2002, I strongly opposed the invasion of Iraq because I felt it was an ill-conceived venture which I warned...(Read Full Post)