Obama, Clinton in near dead heat

The news nets are still tabulating delegates won by all the candidates last night and we probably won't have any firm numbers until later this afternoon. But NBC and the Obama campaign are in near agreement in their projections for the Democratic delegate totals: The Obama camp projects topping Clinton by nine delegates, 845 to 836. NBC News, which is projecting delegates based on the Democratic Party's complex formula, figures Obama will wind up with 840 to 849 delegates, versus 829 to 838 for Clinton. Clinton was portrayed in many news accounts as the night's big winner, but Obama's campaign says he wound up with a higher total where it really counts -- the delegates who will choose the party's nominee at this summer's Democratic convention. With the delegate count still under way, NBC News said Obama appears to have won around 840 delegates in yesterday's contests, while Clinton earned about 830 -- "give or take a few," Tim Russert, the network's Washington bureau...(Read Full Post)