Huge Pro-Secular Protest in Turkey

More than 100,000 protestors were in the streets of Ankara to protest a government measure that would lift the ban on head scarfs at Universities:Protesters called on the government to resign as they gathered at the mausoleum of modern Turkey's founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a symbol of secularism in the overwhelmingly Muslim country. Military authorities who manage the mausoleum said 126,500 people demonstrated. "I am very angry -- not against veiled women but against those who want to cover the republic's values with a veil," said novelist Sevgi Ozel, who was among the protesters. Cemil Yasavul, 46, said she would "defend secularism until the last drop of my blood ... It is our most precious value." Turkey's Islamist-rooted ruling party submitted to parliament this week a draft amendment to allow the Islamic headscarf in universities, making good on a six-year-old electoral promise. It was to be voted on next week.Since the founding of modern Turkey,...(Read Full Post)