More on Obama's foreign policy team

Ed Lasky's two AT articles discussing Barack Obama's foreign policy advisory team (here and here) have caused a lot of comment, published and not, within the pro-Israel community. Today, Noah Pollak writes about another member of Team Obama on the Contentions blog of Commentary Magazine:There has been an awakening in recent days to the presence of a disturbing number of foreign policy advisers to the Obama campaign who harbor hostile views of Israel. Ed Lasky of the American Thinker has been doing serious work on the subject, and his two pieces - here and here - are must-reads. Caroline Glick adds to the discussion here.But there is another Obama foreign policy adviser-a prominent one-who has so far escaped criticism. This is Samantha Power, a Harvard professor, journalist, and human rights specialist who of late has become a high-profile liberal critic of American foreign policy.Pollak cites an interview with Power on the Kennedy School of Government website with these words:Another...(Read Full Post)