Hillary wins Meaningless Michigan Primary

The real news last night for the Democrats was coming out of Nevada where the contenders sat down for the most sickeningly sweet debate in major party history.But there was a primary for Michigan Democrats - even though Hillary Clinton was the only major candidate on the ballot. Clinton took 55% of the vote with "Uncommitted" coming in second with 40%.A "death penalty" handed down by the Democratic National Committee in November that took all of Michigan's delegates to the convention away and even forebade Democratic candidates from putting their names on the ballot or campaigning in the state made the primary an exercise in futility - maybe.The fact is, no one knows if the DNC is going to go through with their plan to deny Michigan and Florida any delegate representation to the convention because they defied the rules and held their primary before February 5. Can the party afford to alienate voters in 2 of the 10 largest states in the union? Many think not which...(Read Full Post)