GOP Debate won't move the needle for Romney

John McCain and Mitt Romney sparred over several issues last night but neither landed a telling blow on the other and both emerged relatively unscathed.This is bad news for Romney who needed to score a big win over McCain in order to halt the Arizona senator's momentum so that he could get back into the race on Super Tuesday:For 90 minutes, Romney and McCain sharply challenged each other's conservative credentials and ability to lead the country. But they generally remained civil, and each called the other "a fine man." Romney tried to portray McCain, who performs well among political independents, as out of the conservative mainstream as the contest moves toward a cluster of states where only registered Republicans can vote. He said the Arizona senator twice voted against President Bush's tax cuts and pushed campaign finance reforms that restricted fundraising and spending. The Republican establishment embraced the tax cuts and opposed the new campaign law, which many saw...(Read Full Post)