Democracy worked again

Yesterday's big winner was ... American democracy.  Often, we forget the strength and vigor of our democracy.   Let's get some perspective.  Within the past month we have seen a former female leader of a Muslim country assassinated as she led her political party to elections in an attempt to re-establish democracy.  Benazir Bhutto herself had been accused of corruption before her exile and she knew the risks of her return.  Nevertheless, she and her followers had a powerful commitment to democracy.  Indeed, although a member of Pakistan's political elite, Bhutto positioned herself as the voice of the people.  Her supporters effectively shut down the country with rioting in the wake of her death.  Even when our national political figures have been killed, Americans response has been an outpouring of grief - both for the loss of the person and the damage done to our democratic system.In Kenya - the home country of Senator Barack Obama's...(Read Full Post)