Iran responds to NIE report: 'paying the price'?

Today's Islamic Republic News Agency website is carrying the following response to yesterday's release of the National Intelligence Estimate report on Iran's nuclear capabilities and intentions.  I wonder what Iranian official Elham has in mind for "paying the price?"  Ahmedinejad & Co. shouldn't get their knickers in too much of a twist on this matter since Mahmoud "The Enabler" El Baradei, UN's nuke "watchdog" agency chief was well pleased with the report's findings, saying it will "defuse the current crisis."   

Tehran, Dec 4, IRNA Iran-US-Report-Gov't
Government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham said on Tuesday that US claims about Iran's peaceful nuclear activities were "mere lies", stressing that they should "pay the price" for their accusations.

He made the remark while commenting on a recent report released by sixteen US security foundations asserting on Monday that they do not "assume that Iran intends to acquire nuclear weapons." The report was provided by the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), comprising 16 security agencies.

"US officials have so far inflicted many damage on the Iranian nation by spreading lies against the country and by disturbing public opinion, therefore, they have to pay the price for their action," Elham told reporters on the sidelines of the first meeting of the judiciary chiefs of Islamic states.