And now for something completely stupid...

There's stupidity and then there is metaphysical witlessness.

The denizens at Daily Kos fall into the latter category, of course. And John Hawkins of Right Wing News has done us all a service by chronicling the dumbest, the most outrageously paranoid and jaw droppingly offensive quotes from that collection of leftist nitwits.

Be prepared to be shocked, amused, outraged, and struck dumb by this, John's "2nd Annual Worst Quotes from Daily Kos (2007 Edition)":

A few examples:

10) "I wrote a diary a short time ago about how the Bush administration helped ruin my marriage. It wasn't because my husband was a Bush supporter or was because of all the stresses from job loses, living without health insurance and getting sick, to my husband being forced to take a job where he wasn't home much that helped ruin my marriage." --

8) "I know I’m a Jewish lesbian and (Ahmadinejad would) probably have me killed. But still, the guy speaks some blunt truths about the Bush Administration that make me swoon...

Okay, I admit it. Part of it is that he just looks cuddly. Possibly cuddly enough to turn me straight. I think he kind of looks like Kermit the Frog. Sort of. With smaller eyes. But that’s not all...

5) "I have never in my 50 years of life been more frightened then I am now. I have seen the arrogance of this White House and the massive damage done to our country. But the Katrina-size storm clouds are gathering folks. If we do not wake up now and flood Congress to impeach the President and Vice President, one year from now, Daily Kos may be banned and Markos himself may be disappeared, in a federal prison somewhere.

....This is deadly serious folks. This is not just another diary. We ignore this threat at our own peril. I would suggest even I in writing articles like this and the many writers at Daily Kos are personally at risk of being arrested in a future dictatorial United States. The government will use these writings as an excuse to put us away.

There's much more at the link.  And you won't believe #2 or #1. Absolute, perfect moonbattery.

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