Obama's Right Hand Man Clarke is a Treacherous Fool

Barack Obama has selected Richard Clarke as his foreign security adviser. Jack Cashill walks us through Richard Clarke's treachery  to President Bush and  fundamental errors of fact about national security matters.Although the liberal press rather gobbled up Clarke's  dismissal of Laurie Mylroie's theory that Iraq was behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and might as well have been behind 9/11, it was Clarke who in this, as in other things, was in error. Among his clearly wrong statements of fact, Cashill notes these:"We now know," he writes in his 2004 book, "that the World Trade Center attack in 1993 was an al-Qaida operation." That royal "we," however, does not include master bomber Ramzi Yousef or Osama himself. Indeed, Osama has denied knowing Yousef before WTC I, and the al-Qaida honcho has never been shy about claiming responsibility where due. When asked about financing, Yousef would cite only "family and...(Read Full Post)