Hillary puff pieces on ET

Liberal advocates of the "Fairness Doctrine" seem unconcerned that the Hollywood gossip TV show Entertainment Tonight has featured puff pieces every day this week on Hillary Clinton. These essentially represent highly-produced three-minute campaign ads distributed nationally for free - perhaps in an effort to counter Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Barak Obama.   Similar puff-pieces on the other presidential candidates are apparently not on offer.

It is clear that these daily features are specifically designed to complement Clinton's campaign talking-points to ‘humanize" her persona.  Yesterday's installment  features a clip about Hillary's campaign "Hillacopter" in which she is seen laughing and joking with the pilot.  In case the viewer is too dense to get the message however, the feature ends with flying-superhero Hillary emphasizing that she and Bill need their "HBT", an acronym for "Human Being Time" (I kind you not, view the video!).  To me this only serves as reminder of her diabolically inhuman cackle.