12 Days of Christmas, Iraqi style


In the famous carol the "Twelve days of Christmas" we have seen or heard a list of the good things one person showered on another that they truly cared about. It is too bad that the public media in America does not care any more about their viewers and ultimately their paying customers than to give them a little good news out of Iraq, for which we have paid with in many ways. Here are my 12 good news items I found from the Department of Defense website for your mental refreshment this Christmas season.  

1 Stock Exchange has been opened 3 years.
2 Iraq presidential candidates just had a debate.
10 TV stations are up and running everyday.
15 New hospitals have opened.
20 universities are operating.
22 new oil facilities being constructed.
38 new secondary schools have opened.
46 colleges are educating daily.
47 countries have reestablished embassies there.
67 public clinics are being built.
75 radio stations are on the air.
180 newspapers are up and running.  

So there you have the twelve items of good news that you had a part in but no one told you.    

Jared Harold

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