Gucci Socialists

Venezuelans seem to be feeling their oats after rejecting Hugo Chavez's attempt to install himself in the presidential palace for life. A YouTube video is causing a sensation there by exposing the hypocrisy of one of Hugo's top minions.First came the limousine liberals, mocked for their scorn of private enterprise while enjoying its fruits. Then came the Gulfstream Global Warmists, avoiding the hoi polloi riding on airliners while scolding soccer moms for lugging gear in their SUVs. The spectacle of Denpassar Airport in Bali unable to accommodate even a fraction of  the private jets ridden by crisis mongers attending the UN Climate Conference -- people who were unwilling to fly commercially, but who insist the rest of us must decrease our "carbon footprint"-- will long be remembered.Now, from Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, we have the first widely-recognized Gucci Socialist. Reuters reports   Venezuelan Interior Minister Pedro Carreno was momentarily at a...(Read Full Post)