Further commentary on hunting

Editor's note: Our published interview  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting  and Barbara Metler's response  to it [with a rejoinder by M.W. Gail] continue to generate interesting email, so we present another collection of commentary on hunting. Barbara Metzler writes in response to M.W. Gail's rejoinder to her response:M.W. Gail said that "animals reproduce whether we hunt them or not," which is true, but when they are hunted, it causes them to reproduce more quickly and in greater numbers.  That is precisely one reason they should not be hunted.Gail also said that dying of starvation and disease is more painful than a bullet or an arrow.  They won't die of starvation if their population is not increased due to hunting. As for the arrow being less painful, obviously, M.W. Gail does not know that of all types of hunting, bow hunting is the most cruel method because the wounding rate is about 55%, meaning that for every 100 arrow-shot deer, 55...(Read Full Post)