Where Did All The Liberals Go? (a poem)

With all of his conclusions we may not agree,

But FDR wore his great office magnificently.

Plain spoken Harry, feisty and blistery,

With determination changed the course of history.

John Kennedy compared to candidates today

Was an experienced veteran. Kept  communism at bay.

Hubert Humphrey, a gentleman of courtly mien,

Would gaze in horror at the current scene.

George McGovern, whose star shone a fleeting gleam,

Was a wartime hero with an impossible dream.

Jeanne Kirkpartick, William Bennett, Ronald Reagan, all

Left the Democrat party as they watched it fall

Downward and leftward and out of control.

American greatness had been their goal.

Of the old liberal ideals we can still see a trace

Redirected in the conservative movement's embrace.

Mimi Evans Winship