Al-Durah footage shown: game blown

Do not miss this account of the courtroom viewing of the Al-Durah footage (outtakes of the supposed shooting of  Palestinian boy Mohammed al-Durah by Israeli troops) which surely was a blood libel, staged by the Palestinians, and aired by France 2 Television which resisted showing their uncut footage until ordered to do so by the Court. Here's a small sample:
There were many very strange things about this footage which just didn't add up. When it came to the footage of the ‘killing' of Mohammed al Durah, the following stood out:

* This sequence was not a continuous narrative but was repeatedly broken up and spliced onto footage of other scenes from the demonstration

* Although the France 2 cameraman had told a German film-maker, Esther Shapira, that he had filmed six minutes of the al Durah father and son under continuous Israeli fire, the footage of them lasted for less than one minute

* There was a camera tripod next to them

* There was no evidence of the boy actually being hit

* At one point, people in the crowd cried out that the boy was dead, while he was sitting up large as life clinging onto his father with his mouth wide open.
The audience in the courtroom laughed several times at  France 2's   implausible explanation of the video.