The Huma ruma is Hillary disinformation

So you're Hillary Clinton, and your past can't withstand examination. What do you do? Well, try a little Black PR operation.   Call it a pre-emptive self-inflicted smear. Because you know your shady  past is bound to come up, and a lot of that stuff happens to be verifiable. (Who does Norman Hsu remind you of?)So you need to discredit so-called "Swift Boating" -- which actually means telling the truth about you.  You plant in the London Times a truly outrageous and false rumor about your relationship with Huma, your young and beautiful Saudi aide. Along with a picture of you two walking side by side. Then you discredit the Huma Ruma. That's pretty easy, because it's false. All this is very reminiscent of a standard Leftist tactic in response to criticism: You say you're "receiving death threats." This ole chestnut has been repeated literally thousands of times. The result is instant sympathy from the suckers. It kicks off reflexive...(Read Full Post)