The Deranged Left, Part CCLIXII

Over the last two days, there have been two jaw dropping examples of how truly deranged the left has become.First, this piece appeared on the front page of Daily Kos. It is self-explanatory:As U.S. casualties have continued to drop, many people on the anti-Bush side of the aisle have begun to quietly panic in recent days over this question: “Could George W. Bush and Frederick Kagan have possibly been right about the surge?” The fact that Democrats and the left would "panic" over winning the war tells you all you need to know about the shockingly cockeyed priorities the left holds regarding America. They would rather see us lose in Iraq than shown to be wrong. Not to be outdone, the original "moonbat" - George Monbiot - pens a piece for Alternet in which he dearly hopes that we go into a deep recession: I recognise that recession causes hardship. Like everyone I am aware that it would cause some people to lose their jobs and homes. I do not dismiss these...(Read Full Post)