San Francisco Rolls out the Welcome Mat for Illegals

Leave it to "sanctuary city" San Francisco to pull something like this:

San Francisco will give resident identification cards to illegal immigrants under a plan approved on Tuesday amid a fierce nationwide debate on granting privileges to undocumented aliens.

In a 10-1 vote, the city's board of supervisors -- the equivalent of a city council -- approved giving identification cards to all residents, including illegal immigrants. The move makes San Francisco the largest U.S. city to back such a plan.

Residents will be able to obtain the resident cards by presenting photo identification and proof they live in the city, such as a utility bill. It was unclear if the new cards, which will be accepted at libraries and health clinics, will carry photos. Such a move had been expected from San Francisco, which is famously liberal.

Earlier this year, Mayor Gavin Newsom said he would not allow city officials and employees to assist immigration raids by federal authorities seeking up people who had committed crimes or disregarded deportation orders.
Newsom is defying the law with impunity and, as Michelle Malkin points oiut, the real blame for this travesty rests squarely on the shoulders of the Administration:
Gavin Newsom is an open-borders dweeb. Bu who’s ultimately to blame for the spread of illegal alien IDs?

Congress and the White House have allowed these sanctuary cities to operate with impunity. And it is the Bush Treasury Department that set the precedent for illegal alien ID cards by approving the use of the matricula consular card over the objections of veteran law enforcement officers.

Before Republicans jump all over San Fran for approving security-undermining, phony baloney IDs to illegals, they might want to take it up with the White House first.
Won't anyone anywhere in our government simply enforce the law?