British legislators defend truth

Britain's venerable Oxford University has followed the lead of the US's Columbia University renouncing their honorable status in the name of perverting the concept of academic freedom of speech. 

A few months ago Columbia University, in the face of many protests,  invited
Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak despite his very public and very persistent hatred of the US and Israel, including denying the Holocaust.  Columbia University's president, Lee Bollinger,  justified Ahmadinejad's appearance under the rubric of free speech and felt he sufficiently displayed his dislike of his guest's views by asking one slightly unfriendly question during his introduction.

However when Oxford's debating society, the Free Speech Forum invited David Irving, a notorious, discredited, very amateur historian who distorts and ignores facts and events to "prove" the Holocaust never happened
British legislators canceled speeches at Oxford University after David Irving was invited to speak there. (snip)

Defense Secretary Des Browne and other British officials were scheduled to speak on other days. Brown and three Parliament members have canceled their speaking engagements. Denis MacShane, a Labor Party lawmaker, canceled his speaking engagement at the union last week.
Now that is truly called integrity and responsibility.