It takes a village to tip a single mom (updated)

David Greene of NPR reports that Hillary and her entourage swept into an Iowa diner, had a meal on the house, spoke to her waitress who reported she had to work two jobs to support her family then left without leaving her a tip and (without permission to do so) used that woman's story in a campaign speech."I wished I would have been asked first," the waitress, Anita Esterday, said of Clinton's decision to insert her in a speech. "I wish she would have asked if she could talk about me later. I didn't like it when someone called me up and said Hillary Clinton is talking about you. It's like, what'd I do now? What's she saying?"When I returned to the Maid-Rite a few weeks later, Esterday said the senator had caught her off guard. But once they got talking, she was honest with Clinton about her need to work two to three jobs. "I've been doing it all my life. Why should it change now that I'm old," Esterday said.Esterday does not think Clinton got it....(Read Full Post)