When all is not as it appears to be

Do you remember 12 year old Graeme Frost from Maryland? He's the young man who gave the Democratic radio response to President Bush following the veto of the chidren's health care program SCHIP. In that heart tugging speech, Graeme pleaded with Congress to pass SCHIP and extend coverage to the middle class because without that program, he and his family would have been in a lot of trouble following a car accident the young man was in last year.Following up on the story, the Baltimore Sun reported that the two income family could not afford health insurance on their own and didn't receive any through their employment - the mother working in a medical publishing firm and the father as a "woodworker."It turns out, that's not entirely accurate.A poster over at Free Republic found some additional information on Mr. Frost that calls into question why the family couldn't afford insurance. Kim Priestap at Wizbang summarized the information: *First, Mr. Halsey Frost,...(Read Full Post)