Romney, Huckabee Top Straw Poll at Value Voters Summit

The Christian right, deeply divided in their presidential preference, gave Mitt Romney a technical victory in a straw poll conducted at the Value Voters Summit in Washington yesterday.But it was former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, an ordained minister, who wowed the assembly with a speech full of biblical allusions and southern charm, finishing second and raising his profile considerably.Rich Lowry of NRO was very impressed:Wow. Let me repeat: Wow. What an incredible communicator. His message has gotten stronger with the accent on Buchanesque nationalist/protectionist notes, and he speaks the language of these kind of voters better than anyone. I found myself getting goose-bumps near the end of his speech when he invoked a long series of Biblical underdogs, beginning with David and his five smooth stones. He made as strong a case as possible for putting all pragmatic considerations aside and going with him.The vote was controversial because the count included on line voting...(Read Full Post)