Novak Dispels Some Plame Myths

Robert Novak, who wrote the column that exposed the Plame connection to Joe Wilson's trip to Niger, has been trying unsuccessfully to set the record straight regarding the "outing" of Wilson's wife for a long time.Novak's problem has been that the Plame narrative, created by Democrats and the media, has little room for the truth. The story began as a myth, morphed into a legend, and is only now being examined as history. That last step will occur in a vacuum, of interest only to future academics and those who seek to place truth above politics.For indeed, most have given up trying to alter the narrative, soon to be immortalized in film as the portrayal of an evil administration, hell bent on going to war, which tried to stifle and smear the heroic Mr. and Mrs. Wilson to hide their nefarious plans.The narrative is tailor made for Hollywood. The truth, as Mr. Novak points out in this article in The Hill, is a little less dramatic and quite a bit more problematic for the...(Read Full Post)