Flag Folders: Update

I received an email in response to my post yesterday about the Honor Details at veterans funerals being prevented from reciting a narrative as each of the 13 folds to the flag is accomplished from Kenneth J. Benway, a retired Lieutenant Colonel US Army, Special Forces, who has participated in several military honor details as well as been an observer at many more. Colonel Benway writes:I have served as officer in charge of several funeral details, and have attended many more in the course of 28 years of active military service, as well as in retirement. But, I do not recall ever having witnessed the flag-folding narrative you describe. While I sympathize with the perceived assault on the locally devised thirteen-part recitation you describe in your article, and while certainly a poignant gesture, it is not an authorized element of military graveside ceremonies conducted by DoD-provided ceremonial units or facilities, and for the purposes of your article, never has...(Read Full Post)