Confirming a quiet triumph over al Qaeda

More evidence accumulates that we are winning against al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. A report written by intelligence experts at the the United States Military Academy confirms the signs of the major success that I reported recently, in an AT article entitled  A Quiet Triumph May be Brewing. The article was well received by those on the right, but the left went apoplectic. One significant liberal blog was so threatened by the very idea of American military success that they defaced the American Thinker masthead graphics with Photoshopping. So for those who answered "I hope this is true" and for those who answered "just more neocon propaganda" here is confirmation of the splintering of the jihad movement. This report was written by intelligence experts who study al Qaeda professionally for the United States Military Academy. The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point recently released the study called Cracks in the Foundation:...(Read Full Post)