What Did England Pay to Get its Hostages Back from Iran?

Buried in this article regarding Iran's use of banks and front companies to develop its nuclear weapons program (including European banks acquiescing in removing Iranian names from financial documents so as to escape detection by American authorities) is this nugget:   The UN debate over sanctions against Bank Sepah coincided with a drama on the high seas. On March 23, the day after the draft resolution was introduced, Iran captured 15 British marines and soldiers in the Persian Gulf. The next day, the Security Council passed Resolution 1747 ordering nations to restrict the operations of Bank Sepah. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the UN sanctions on Bank Sepah were based on bad intelligence and designed to serve the countries that promoted it. "Schemes of the co-sponsors of the resolution are for narrow national considerations and aimed at depriving the Iranian people of their inalienable rights rather than emanating from any so-called proliferation...(Read Full Post)