The return of Rathergate?

Dan Rather is back and he has another "scandal" based on a source that is questionable. You might not have noticed Dan's return to "journalism" because he is on a channel called HDNet, obscure enough that Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, has chosen not to offer it. But on the off chance you have one of the cable systems that offers HDNet, own an HDTV set, and have subscribed to the digital package that includes HDNet, you can watch the program tonight.This time Dan is not going after a Republican. His target is Boeing and its latest product, the B787 Dreamliner, which has already sold over a thousand copies before its first flight, an unprecedented feat of marketing success for a new airliner. Because the 787 uses carbon fiber composite materials for the wings and fuselage and high efficiency twin engines, its fuel economy is better than other airliners. The charges to be aired tonight are squarely aimed at that carbon fiber composite fuselage. The...(Read Full Post)