Protests shut down Indian Parliament four days early

Reuters reports via Yahoo News that parties opposing the Indo-US nuclear deal have closed down the Indian Parliament following "rowdy scenes" that disrupted both upper and lower houses of the legislature.  Late last month, leftist politicians, fully allied with their Democrat Party counter-parts in the US, petitioned the Indian government to halt talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and to freeze the first ever US-India nuclear and defense cooperation treaty. 

The Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party demanded a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) to review the arrangement in detail before it can be implemented.  Of course, the communists back this effort because it stymies a growing relationship between the US and India, and it subverts a key element of our global strategy to fight terrorism.

We can't tell right now if the US-India pact will be further delayed or if it will go through as planned.  But these events do have an upside in that they reveal the true nature of both our external and internal enemies.  Global communism and socialism are not dead, they only changed their names
to protect the guilty.

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