Osama Bin Marx and the Real Jihad

Dear American Thinker,

September 11, a date memorialized in American history. An important date, a critical date. And we dare not misunderstand its lesson. It is more than a sound bite, and more than the media dare discuss. 

It wasn't just Islam taken to its logical conclusion that struck you and me. It was another terrible head of the hydra known collectively as the Left. Radicalized, fundamentalist Islam has been as thoroughly penetrated with humanist, socialist Marxism as the Democratic Party, our media, and even the first estate. 

Walid Phares excellent summation in the Sept. 10 edition of American Thinker correctly directed our attention to the Marxist slant in this newest Bin Laden tape, if Bin Laden it is. The first time I read of the penetration and suborning of Islam by agents of the Iron Curtain was in James Clavell's Whirlwind.  Clavell was a master at using fiction in order to tell the truth. Clavell devoted great swaths of Whirlwind to the success of Communist agents teaching, propagandizing and twisting their dialectic in order to get Revolutionary Islam to fall in line with Communist long range goals. They're not called Revolutionary Guards by happy accident in Iran. Their penetration was nothing less than amazing, given that Communism is the zenith of scientific atheism. But communism tilled a fertile field in Islam to build up a terrifying cult to wage war upon us, their ultimate enemy. [1] 

Which is what is at war with America. It is all-encompassing and it will never stop. Islam is the current hammer. Ferocious, deadly, and as driven as the tides. It is the ultimate of weapons from the supernatural. But Islam is not the final enemy behind all enemies. 

Early Communists correctly analyzed that they would never be able to produce victory over the West through force of arms. They deduced that in order to destroy us, they would have to attack like shadows. They would have to devise Other Means, Other War Fronts, Asymetric Struggles, Other Strategies and Other Tactics. In other words, redefine the field of battle. And that their war would be longer than mere generations because their war, the real war would be aimed at fundamentally turning us upside down inside and backwards until we turned on each other. 

The November 2001 issue of the Weekly Standard carried as important an essay as I have found. Authored by Waller Newell, professor of political science and philosophy at Carleton University in Ottawa, it is a devastating illumination that today's radical Islamist is little more than the Left's next great act in their Death Cult. Even as they shout the name of their god, they are fodder for the Revolutionary Ethos begun by Communists nearly a century ago. 

But rather than my words, please read the wisdom and crushing facts of Waller Newell's brilliant essay Post Modern Jihad.

And when you're done, I ask you to clearly recognize what is all around you. The shadow war is seeping into everything you hold dear. As Victor David Hanson said in Mexifornia:
" .. we have not yet experienced all the consequences of the big bang of multiculturalism, authoritarianism, Utopianism, and cultural relativism - isms that tell young people that facts, dates, people and hard data are either irrelevant, biased or simply not facts at all and that to question such dogma could be "racist" ... " [1]
And in Mexifornia the estimable Mr. Hanson points to but one of the thousands of heads on the hydra. Progressives, for instance. Anytime you read progressive know that you are dealing with the shadow war of revolutionary marxism. Even the Church is subsumed into this religion of revolutionary Marx through Liberation Theology.

This war is everywhere and in everything, like toxic clouds from Chernobyl. And you can see the fetid seeds of communism in every utterance of jihadists after you know his leaders were educated at the Sorbonne. Then we accurately analyze where the Left in this country gets its heat and light and support. From a multi-generational worldwide jihad that left its searing mark this day on our Nation. The real jihadist is not limited in scope to Islam. The real jihadist is the infectious disease carrier of shadows who may not even know whom he serves as he tears at our national foundations, mocks our brilliant military, sneers at the fundamentals of our nation and feasts on the idea of our defeat. 

And Waller Newell skewers them all. 

Michael Geer 

[1] (quote) There is an old book by a GRU defector who wrote under the pen name Viktor Suvorov. The book's title is Spetsnaz: The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces. Chapter 15 in this book is about Spetsnaz's role at the outset of World War III. It makes very interesting reading. Russian Spetsnaz commandos are trained as paratroopers, explosives experts, terrorists and assassins. According to Suvorov, World War III will not begin with conventional military operations, or even with massed nuclear missile strikes. On page 196 he describes "a series of large and small [terrorist] operations the purpose of which is, before actual military operations begin, to weaken the enemy's morale, create an atmosphere of suspicion, fear and uncertainty, and divert attention of the enemy's armies and police forces to a huge number of different targets...." According to Suvorov: "The principle method employed at this stage is ‘grey terror.'" This is a kind of terror that is carried out "in the name of already existing extremist groups not connected in any way with the Soviet Union, or in the name of fictitious organizations."  JR Nyquist, 05/13/2004   FSO: Global Analysis with J. R. Nyquist "Grey Terror" for 05/13/2004

[2] Victor David Hanson Mexifornia Encounter Books (September 25, 2004) ISBN 1594030561. pg. 103