Junk Neuropsychology

The Left has historically co-opted science to benefit its political causes. Margaret Mead is a classic example, gaining enormous attention to promote the "Free Love" movement. Her  methodology has come to be deeply suspect. We've had Alfred Kinsey. We've had Darwin as a justification for Eugenics and Nazism (Darwin`s son was president of the Eugenics Society). We've had Darwin used as a model by Karl Marx. We've also had numerous dubious environmental scares; Dioxin, Alar, DDT, etc. We've had the Nuclear Winter Theory, used to justify the nuclear freeze movement. We now have Anthropogenic Global Warming. In all of these examples the Left has either subverted, or outright manipulated, science for their purposes. Back in 2003 a group of researchers did a psychological hit-job on Conservatives. Their press release makes it quite clear that they considered Conservatives cretins: "Four researchers who culled through 50 years of research literature about the...(Read Full Post)