Fracas at Kerry Speech Results in Student Being Tasered by Cops

This story gets more bizarre by the hour.John Kerry gave a speech at the University of Florida where he opened the floor for questions. After an announcement that the final question was being asked, a student forced his way to the mic and began berating Kerry for not answering more questions.What happened next is pretty amazing and raises all sorts of questions about the motives of the student as well as basic security at events like this. Apparently, the student tried to ask three questions, getting cut off by the AV crew in the process. This set him off on a screaming, obscenity laced rant where it took 6 policemen to subdue him, eventually having to taser the young man to get him to comply with their orders to place his hands behind his head.Videoes surfacing today seem to be edited in order to make it appear that the young man was unfairly treated to the cops. But several emailers at Michelle Malkin.Com who were there and describe the event in full make it clear that the young man...(Read Full Post)