When dullards run enemy propaganda (updated)

Rocco DiPippo, AT contributor and blogger at The Autonomist, spotted enemy propaganda in the press, as delivered by the incompetent information warriors at French news agency AFP. Although we don't like to post news agency photos out of respect for copyright laws, this particular photo is the subject of the news story, so we violate our normal policy and post it.BULLETS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN FIRED AND HAVE NOT HIT ANYTHING UNLESS THEY WERE THROWN AT SOMETHING OR SOMEBODYSince no such Coalition artillery was in use anywhere near the site, the shell had been moved to the spot and posed. The problem with such crude propaganda fakery is that some people, say the average New York Times subscriber, share the same ignorance of journalists when it comes to nasty items like guns and military equipment. Eventually, The NYT corrected the item, but did not note the obvious fact that the shell was dragged to the site and posed with the child as a propaganda exercise uncritically disseminated by...(Read Full Post)